For Developers

You can follow these steps to get started in Nordigen Dashboard.

1. Sign-up to dashboard and get your Client ID under API Keys;

2. Paste this code in a text editor:

<head><script src=""></script></head>
<body><div>My Website</div>
  <div id='nordigen-widget'>
      divId: 'nordigen-widget',
      country: 'se',
      nordigenId: 'available in dashboard',
      operations: ['kyc', 'categorisation', 'income', 'risk', 'loans', 'simple-score'],
      widgetTest: true
  window.addEventListener('message', function(event) {
      if (event.origin !== '') {
    const { request_id, error } = JSON.parse(;
  }, false)

3. Run the html file, go through the Aggregation Widget flow and take note of the request_id which you will receive in the console log of your browse;

4. Open Postman and import Nordigen API collection;

5. First you need to use POST “Get Access Token”. Use client_id and client_secret from your Nordigen Dashboard;

6. Then use the GET “See the result” by adding the request_id to the GET endpoint;

If you have any problems setting up, please contact 

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